I had a great time at the Birmingham SCG open. I got to meet a bunch of new people. I've never had a Magic event in Alabama before so this was something new. When I was planning my trip I thought that it was going to be a 16 hour drive, so I planned on leaving Thursday and driving through the night. I had everything packed and ready to go and then I found out it was only an 11 hour drive from where I lived. Which made the trip even better.

On Saturday I forgot my camera so I wasn't able to take any pictures. There was a guy who commissioned a baby Jace that came out amazing and I wish I could have taken a picture of it. However I do have a picture of the Conley Woods tokens that I made. I really like how they came out.
I also was invited to go to the Alabama Phoenix Festival in May. I will be located in the Gaming building. Also, I will be contributing to the prize of the Magic tournament. This convention looks like it is going to be a bunch of fun. If you think that you'll be in the Birmingham area May 25-27 you should defiantly check it out. Here is a link to the home page of their website.  http://www.alabamaphoenixfestival.com/
So I've been working like crazy to get cards together for the Star City event in Birmingham. I have a couple of new planeswalker cards with alternate art. the Elspeth was drawn by one of my good friends. You can check out her work here.  http://catsy.deviantart.com/ She does alter commissions at a fair price. I am also going be working with Black Wing Studios. If you want to commission an alter from BWS for $20 more you can get a 3D version of it too. The wait time will take a bit longer than 2-3 weeks because of the amount of work, but the wait will totally be worth it. You can find examples of BWS here,  http://blackwingstudio.deviantart.com/.
As you all probably know I have started to make custom playmats. I can do hand drawn playmats and I can also put printed pictures on the mats also. The playmats start at $25 plus a playmats to work with. You can bring me a playmat or I can provide one for $10.
Hey everyone! I have decided to blog about my adventures across the country doing alters for Magic players. I will put up new cards and playmats that I've done. Maybe even some step by steps to help others. There is a comment section on here so if any of you have an idea or questions there's an easy way to get into contact with me!