Hey everyone! So I've kinda been slacking on my blog posts, sorry about that. I have been working really hard on my New Year's resolution of trying to do boarder extensions by the end of the year. I feel that I have made some progress. Here are two of my most recent painted alters, having finished them yesterday. They will be on sale at the SCG Baltimore Open. 
I impressed myself with how close I was able to match the colors. I am slowly learning how to match colors and other such things.

On the 3D side of my life I am working on more complicated alters. I finished another Ulasht, the Hateseed last week. I was very happy with the results. I want to work on more cards that have a ton of detail. They are really fun to work on. Plus they give me a challenge. 

I still do lifecounters and playmats. At the moment I am working on an Adventure Time playmat. I have to finish coloring it, but it will also be in Baltimore.

As always I am looking for new ideas for my art; and I am taking commissions!

Thank you for your support!

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