So I've been working like crazy to get cards together for the Star City event in Birmingham. I have a couple of new planeswalker cards with alternate art. the Elspeth was drawn by one of my good friends. You can check out her work here. She does alter commissions at a fair price. I am also going be working with Black Wing Studios. If you want to commission an alter from BWS for $20 more you can get a 3D version of it too. The wait time will take a bit longer than 2-3 weeks because of the amount of work, but the wait will totally be worth it. You can find examples of BWS here,
As you all probably know I have started to make custom playmats. I can do hand drawn playmats and I can also put printed pictures on the mats also. The playmats start at $25 plus a playmats to work with. You can bring me a playmat or I can provide one for $10.
9/5/2012 00:45:27

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