So I just came back from Providence RI this Monday. I had a great time there! The people there were awesome. I went to a store called The Temple. ( The store had a really cozy feel and the people were very nice. I believe every Friday the store owner cooks hotdogs and hamburgers for the FNM'ers for free. 

I now have all of my pending commissions in the mail. So if you ordered something from me lately it should be on it's way!

The next event that I'm going to be at is Orlando Fl. Then I'm going to the Alabama Phoenix Festival in Birmingham Al. I am going to try to have a bunch of cards and playmats for these events. I am providing a playmat and 3D card for the Alabama Phoenix festival.
I need to make some cards that deal with Pokemon and Yu-gi-oh. If anyone has ideas for these card games please let me know. 
3/29/2013 15:28:45

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