Hey everyone! So I've kinda been slacking on my blog posts, sorry about that. I have been working really hard on my New Year's resolution of trying to do boarder extensions by the end of the year. I feel that I have made some progress. Here are two of my most recent painted alters, having finished them yesterday. They will be on sale at the SCG Baltimore Open. 
I impressed myself with how close I was able to match the colors. I am slowly learning how to match colors and other such things.

On the 3D side of my life I am working on more complicated alters. I finished another Ulasht, the Hateseed last week. I was very happy with the results. I want to work on more cards that have a ton of detail. They are really fun to work on. Plus they give me a challenge. 

I still do lifecounters and playmats. At the moment I am working on an Adventure Time playmat. I have to finish coloring it, but it will also be in Baltimore.

As always I am looking for new ideas for my art; and I am taking commissions!

Thank you for your support!
So yeah the Pre-Release is tomorrow. I'm going to be playing Orzhov. I really am liking the extort guild. Anthony is going to be playing Dimir. The milling is crazy good with the set. I'm super excited to be playing I love limited.

In other news I got a dog for Christmas. But from taking her out to go potty I've gotten a bit sick. I am still working on commission and sending cards out. Here are two cards that I finished recently that I'm super proud of. The Reaper King was a commission, but the Wolf token is for sale.

If you guys have any neat ideas for cards to do let me know!
I would like to start this by thanking all of you for your support. I am please to say that I will be making my first trip out to the west coast. I am going to be attending the StarCity Games Invitational in Los Angeles. I am going to be there all weekend Friday through Sunday. I will have all of my stock with me. There will be some playmants, 3D cards, foils, and lifecounters. As always I will be taking commissions on site. I will be able to work on 3D cards, lifecounters, and custom cards on site. 
I am sorry to say that everything is not bigger in Texas. I've been down here since Monday night and everything seems to be the same. I am currently traveling with the awesome judge Michael Arrowsmith, my boyfriend Anthony, and Anthony's brother Alex. So far we have gone to a couple of magic stores and played in the drafts. On Wednesday we went to Evolution Games, and tonight we are at Area 51 games. Both of these stores seem to have a pretty big magic crowd as well as other games like Warhammer.
I have been working on commissions and stock while I'm on the road. One of the more recent commissions that I finished is this Flameblast Dragon that is also a life counter. Yes, I know the picture quality is horrible I took it with my phone :(
As always I am taking commissions, but at the moment I will not be sending out until I get back home in Pennsylvania. I am heading back there after the event this weekend.
Okay! So for the next few weeks I am going to be on the road. I am traveling to Illinois this weekend and straight to Texas next week. I will be working on commissions while I am traveling, so don't worry about that. They will all be sent out when I get back to my house. I have had some bad luck with post offices in the past and I prefer to use my local one. If you would like me to send you your card while I am on the road let me know :) 

On another note. I have tackled the first challenge for 3Ding cards, Ulash the Hateseed. I am looking at all of you to come up with the next challenge. I want to do something that is fun and has a ton of detail. It doesn't have to be a Commander I just want to do something cool. Yes, when I finish it I will have it with me at events and it will be for sale!

Lastly, I had a blast at the Philly GP. We left the convention Sunday night, so I didn't get to see much of the Hurricane. I did play in the main event. My pull was pretty good, I had Rakdos' Return and some other really good Rakdos cards. I went 3-3-drop. I honestly was very surprised that I make it 6 rounds! Reading Terminal was amazing as always, sadly I did not have a chance to stop by the sushi place. If any of you know of good places to eat in Collinsville or Ft. Worth let me know as I have never been to either of these cities before. :)

As always, when I get to 300 likes on Facebook I will be giving away one free commission!
Hey everyone, I haven't posted in a long time.  I'm going to be at the Grand Prix in Philly this weekend. I am actually going to be playing in the main event! I will however have everything that I need to fill commissions with me so if there is something that any of you would like to get done I should be able to do it. Otherwise I am always accepting commissions.
I know that there are a couple of people are picking up their commissions. You can text me to find me or talk to the StarCityGames booth, I stop by there a lot so they may know where I am.
If you have never been to Philly before and you plan on going I HIGHLY recommend going to the Reading Terminal across the street. It's a market place with tons and tons of food. The place with the best cheese steaks is the guys who give out playing cards to tell who's order is who's. Also there is a sushi place that is amazing. The guy behind the counter makes his own soy sauce! Anyways if you come out I hope that you have a great time at the event!!
Yep, you read right. A 3D Huntmaster of the Fells. I had the privilege to alter one this weekend at SCG Worcester. While I was working I was taking step by step photos so that you can have a peek into my process of altering cards.  I am going to apologize about the quality of the photos, I don't not have a very good camera at the present time.
Here they are. To make a flip card I use at least 5 copies of the card.

Click to read more!

 I've been working like crazy for the APF. I think that I'm going to have about 140 cards in stock! There's going to be cards for all sorts of games. I don't know that much about any other card games besides MTG. I have some cards that have Yu-Gi-Oh pictures and I have made a bunch of Pokemon cards. I will also have a few cards that reference video games, and some awesome playmats. 
I am going to be arriving in Birmingham at some point on Thursday. The Festival will last from Friday to Sunday. 
So I've been hanging out in Daytona Beach, Florida waiting for the SCG Orlando and just having a mini vacation. I started working on Shadow Boxes. They are coming out amazing! The first one that I did was this Iona artwork.
I really like how it turned out. As always it's kinda hard to get the 3D-ness to show up in a still shot photo. I'm planning on doing something that isn't totally Mtg related for the Alabama Phoenix Festival because of variety of people that will be there.

I finishes a couple of playmats for this weekend too. My favorite on is the 'Most Interesting Man' one that I did. 
I figured that it was appropriate with the new miracle mechanic from the newest set. As of right now I have 4 other playmats that will be at my table in Orlando this weekend. I'm going to try to get another My Little Pony playmat made, because I love having one on my table. 

If anyone has ideas for shadow boxes or for funny playmats let me know. I love hearing what you all have to say!
So I just came back from Providence RI this Monday. I had a great time there! The people there were awesome. I went to a store called The Temple. (  http://www.thetemplegames.com/tg/) The store had a really cozy feel and the people were very nice. I believe every Friday the store owner cooks hotdogs and hamburgers for the FNM'ers for free. 

I now have all of my pending commissions in the mail. So if you ordered something from me lately it should be on it's way!

The next event that I'm going to be at is Orlando Fl. Then I'm going to the Alabama Phoenix Festival in Birmingham Al. I am going to try to have a bunch of cards and playmats for these events. I am providing a playmat and 3D card for the Alabama Phoenix festival.
I need to make some cards that deal with Pokemon and Yu-gi-oh. If anyone has ideas for these card games please let me know.