Hey everyone! So I've kinda been slacking on my blog posts, sorry about that. I have been working really hard on my New Year's resolution of trying to do boarder extensions by the end of the year. I feel that I have made some progress. Here are two of my most recent painted alters, having finished them yesterday. They will be on sale at the SCG Baltimore Open. 
I impressed myself with how close I was able to match the colors. I am slowly learning how to match colors and other such things.

On the 3D side of my life I am working on more complicated alters. I finished another Ulasht, the Hateseed last week. I was very happy with the results. I want to work on more cards that have a ton of detail. They are really fun to work on. Plus they give me a challenge. 

I still do lifecounters and playmats. At the moment I am working on an Adventure Time playmat. I have to finish coloring it, but it will also be in Baltimore.

As always I am looking for new ideas for my art; and I am taking commissions!

Thank you for your support!
I would like to start this by thanking all of you for your support. I am please to say that I will be making my first trip out to the west coast. I am going to be attending the StarCity Games Invitational in Los Angeles. I am going to be there all weekend Friday through Sunday. I will have all of my stock with me. There will be some playmants, 3D cards, foils, and lifecounters. As always I will be taking commissions on site. I will be able to work on 3D cards, lifecounters, and custom cards on site. 
So I've been hanging out in Daytona Beach, Florida waiting for the SCG Orlando and just having a mini vacation. I started working on Shadow Boxes. They are coming out amazing! The first one that I did was this Iona artwork.
I really like how it turned out. As always it's kinda hard to get the 3D-ness to show up in a still shot photo. I'm planning on doing something that isn't totally Mtg related for the Alabama Phoenix Festival because of variety of people that will be there.

I finishes a couple of playmats for this weekend too. My favorite on is the 'Most Interesting Man' one that I did. 
I figured that it was appropriate with the new miracle mechanic from the newest set. As of right now I have 4 other playmats that will be at my table in Orlando this weekend. I'm going to try to get another My Little Pony playmat made, because I love having one on my table. 

If anyone has ideas for shadow boxes or for funny playmats let me know. I love hearing what you all have to say!